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Informatii despre companie
Garden House Limited
Telefon: +998998470007
Adresa: Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Garden Group is a group of companies formed in 2010. The group form was organized in 2017. The company's activities include many agricultural services. The group focused on sowing, production, processing of agricultural products, as well as providing certification services to local farmers. In this regard, one of the company’s managers obtained Global G.A.P. inspector certificate inAccording to the company's development program, adopted in 2017, the management accepted the final direction of development and introduction of modern technologies. Why do cooperate with our company:
• We do planting plants and seedlings;
• The processing stages at our site;
• The packaging process is controlled by our specialists, according to the order of the buyer;
• Delivery is made with the most reliable transport companies.
This entire chain allows us to control the quality, as well as the total cost of the products.
Garden Group supplies dry and fresh products to more than 50 partners around the world. According to the individual approach to each client, all our customers are satisfied with the provided goods and services. The company exports raisins, dried apricots, dried prunes and many other dried fruits and vegetables, along with bean products, as well as good smell spices from all over the Central Asia region.
According to the development program, the company is increasing its exports to the US, South-East Asia and the EU countries. In addition, the company's specialists actively participate in several prestigious exhibitions around the world. Laboratory studies and analyses of soil, water and products are constantly under the control of specialists. In addition to its laboratory, the company's specialists work closely with state and private research companies to exchange experience and introduce modern laboratory technologies. All useful information of the analyses and recommendations are subsequently passed on to field/orchard staff, as well as to other partner fa

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